San Luis Potosi Student

I came to know Jose through working with a mission safe-house in Mexico, Casa de Ninos. Jose wants to be a musician and has been teaching himself guitar for a couple of years. Coming from a life of living under a porch, his singing and playing are from the heart as he plays for Jesus. He’s now living at CDN. The sunset on the roof of the house called out for Jose to step forward for this photo.

The Mexican Movie Star

I was on holiday enjoying the festivities of Mexican Independence Day when I noticed her standing in a doorway. We both had been watching a parade in the street when I saw her step forward into the light with a pink rose and a starlet photograph of her self, in hand. In my opinion, she should have been the Queen of the parade that day.

San Miguel de Allende Beggar

It had rained hard all morning in this central Mexican town, driving all the people from the park to find cover in a roofed area adjacent to a string of shops. One elderly beggar woman caught my eye as she slowly came walking across the street in the rain to the sheltered roof area. Her face reflected the same harshness displayed in the stone pillar she then rested upon out of the cold rain.

Leonardo at the Market

Leonardo is another one of the students who live in San Luis Potosi at Casa de Ninos. He went with me one day to the local market to pick up some produce and when we stepped in under a tarp hung over one of the booths, I shot his photo in the red-saturated light reflected on all those vegetables.