The Mission

MissionFOTO was formed out of a fifteen year involvement with Christian mission efforts here in the States as well as overseas. Having come from a professional design background and subsequently having owned/operated an architectural design/build corporation partnered with my wife, Valerie, my involvement in missions was founded on helping to build homes, schools and churches for the poor and suppressed. During this period of missions work and extensive travel, it was the camera that I found more often at my side than the hammer. Equipped with a graduate degree in cinematography received from Purdue University in 1969, I am returning to a long lost career in photography and filmmaking with the intent of continuing to help mission projects present their valuable work to the world.

MissionFOTO’s purpose has been to help develop and present professional slide presentations and videos for Christian mission projects here in the United States as well as around the world. Often it is the children who are most effected by poverty and hunger. MissionFOTO’s hope is to communicate the causes and affects and present in photographic form the mission’s work to help absolve these damaging conditions. All production costs will be absorbed by MissionFOTO. I ask only for travel costs to be covered by the mission’s governing board.

Let me know what I might do to help with your mission to the peoples of the world.

James Gray (