Berdyansk Debate Group

While in Berdyansk photographing a youth conference, I had the privilege of joining with a group of Ukrainian university students for a Bible debate. After a spirited group discussion, waged in English and Russian, we all posed for a photo to celebrate the friendships that had been cemented in their dorm room that afternoon.

Berdyansk, Ukraine
University Student Lena

During a recent photo trip to Eastern Europe, I had the opportunity to meet several university students in Berdyansk, Ukraine. Lena was one of the interpreters at a weekend youth conference. She became the warmth and light of the week for everyone attending the gathering. Her vitality and gentle spirit are a credit to her church, the Berdyansk Christian Church. A hard worker and very smart young woman, we hope for her a bright future as she continues to serve.

Erdyansk, Ukraine
High School Student Vova

Having lost both of his parents before the age of eighteen, Vova has found his foundation and hope in his Heavenly Father as both guide and comforter. As my Russian translator at the Berdyansk Youth Conference, Vova and I spent much time together. He has received a scholarship for college and will be attending this fall. His frank testimony has touched many. We pray that Vova will find joy and fulfillment in his career and walk with Christ.

Ukrainian Woman

After service at the Berdyansk Christian Church where I had been asked to speak before the congregation, this Grandma came to me speaking in Russian about something for which I never found the meaning. I asked for her photo and I believe I got her consent, for when I raised the camera she decided that was OK. I never got her to look me in the eyes or the camera lens. I had been told that the older generation has that complex. It was explained to me with a Ukrainian saying common during the Russian regime, was: “The tallest blade of grass is the first to get cut”.