A Medical Trek to San Jose Cabécar

MissionFOTO returned to Costa Rica to capture Agua Viva Ministries work with the Cabécar Indians of the Talamanca Mountains. The team traveled to Bajo Coén the first day and journeyed 12 hours the next day, climbing up muddy mountain trails and fording the cold Coén River on five occasions before reaching the “clinic” with our team doctor, Dean Loshe, a neural surgeon of Jacksonville, FL. The elevated clinic was loaned to the mission for the week by a village local and came equipped with a complement of pigs, which lived beneath the hut. The pigs were appreciated as they do not allow the venomous snakes to approach the building, insuring a good night’s sleep. Several hundred Cabécar Indians were examined and mediated during the week. A portable generator and projector were backpacked in by the team and the Jesus film was shown one night at the clinic much to the amazement of the Cabécar.