Media Workshop in Budapest

Media Conference Students

Twenty five Campus Crusade workers from Eastern Europe, Russia, Poland and Israel came to Berdyansk in February 2009 to participate in media workshops exploring the internet, Photoshop, and Premiere filmmaking. I was invited by Media Director Grant Olson of Budapest to come and teach the week long filmmaking class. Teaching the basics of building “Video Postcards”, I found, once again, the teacher learning more than the students. Every student was excited about learning the tool and full of creative ideas, as I handed out all excellent marks on their short films by week’s end.

Filmmaking Media Workshop

Working from a laptop wired to overhead projectors, I worked with the students as we all explored Premiere Elements 7, as in our studio work we use Adobe Premiere, I found myself often searching. I received great help from my Moldovan friends in the class while looking for the right icon to click! In a very short time we saw several wonderful films pieced together by the class. This was certainly the best class I have ever taught in my eight year teaching career!


Having received the “Student Having The Most Fun In Class Award”, Ania, a CCC worker from Poland was wonderfully attentive and handled my clumsy presentations with grace and always a smile.

The Moldovan Princes

It was the afternoon of Wednesday that week that one of the students from Moldova came to me and asked if I would like to see one of the films they had written, shot and produced at home? I sat down at their laptop and for the next 10 minutes was amazed at the professional work that these three brilliant filmmakers had made! Not much is “easy” in Moldova, but these three proved that even under great duress, beautiful things can happen for those that serve in the Kingdom.

Edward is Wired

As the only student who spoke no English, Edward, a worker from Russia, had to have an interpreter (one of the Moldovan Princes) translate during class time. I enjoyed watching the translating work happening as we plowed through the class work. The Russian team became special to me. Before they left the last day, gifts of chocolate were given to me by the team. I’d expected an apple, but the chocolate was better, given there were too many Apples in the barrel already!

Aitan Bar

Aitan, my roommate at the Olympus Panzio Hotel, came from his home in Tel Aviv to the conference as a presenter. We all were very impressed with his graphic/photo talents. A fabulous designer! Aitan, you can come work for MissionFOTO any time you want; but if you do, we have to leave the curtains open in the studio.